Training- Corporate

In today’s digital and connected world, organizations worldwide are acutely aware of the importance of cultivating and nurturing their biggest assets – their employees. Corporates are now more than ever investing in the training and development of employees’ skills and knowledge. This serves a dual purpose – employees feel invested in the organization and employers are able to have a workforce that is up to date with the latest knowledge and processes.

What is Corporate Training?

Corporate training is training provided by the organization to its employees to improve their existing skillsets and also as a means for advancing their professional career. With corporate training, organizations are able to channelize employees’ knowledge and skills to align more closely with the processes, work ethic and regulatory requirements of the organization.

Corporate training can be in the form of:

  • Orientation for new hires –familiarizing new hires to company policies, vision, mission and values
  • Skills-based training – teach new and existing employees new skills that may be required due to changes in technology, adoption of new methods and processes.
  • Behavioral and Soft-skills training – this is training aimed at the employees’ professional interactions and development. Examples include leadership training, time management, communication and presentation skills, etc.

Why Corporate Training?

Skills gaps in employees can sometimes be an important factor that differentiates a good company from a great company. To reduce and eliminate this gap, organizations offer focused and relevant training to their employees. Training is also provided to groom employees for the next level in their corporate career, thereby building strong leaders from within the organization. Employees are the most important asset for any organization. For continued organizational success and growth, it is imperative that employers continue to encourage, nurture, and cultivate their workforce. This in turn will translate into increased productivity, better profit margins, more streamlined processes, increased employee loyalty and retention, which is beneficial to both employers and employees.

Corporate Training by Arise Consulting

As your chosen training partner, Arise Consulting will provide training in the areas of:

  • Sales Management - How to Improve Productivity and Gross Margin in Sales?

This program is aimed to improve the daily performance of your sales team and to train them to become successful managers in the future. The training will include a company specific ‘Sales Check List’, best negotiation techniques for ‘smart selling’, improve productivity to increase orders and consequently company profit margins. There will be periodic follow-ups to assess the effect of training and evaluate improvements in team performance.

  • Customer Development - How to retain your Customers?

This program will train you on how to enroll new customers, develop existing customers and also convert dormant customers to active customers. The trainees will also be trained on types of customers, requisite tools to calculate customer capacity, successful conversion of customers to business partners in a cohesive manner for maximum impact.

  • Accounts Receivable Management - How to Collect Fast?

This program helps the Company to improve cash in-flow drastically. The responsible teams will be armed with tools and methods of collection to keep collection days as low as possible and to avoid losses on receivables which is done in accordance with sales force goals while maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction. A checklist of activities will be given to the team for a daily follow-up.

  • Inventory Management - How to increase Stock Turn over?

This program focuses on ‘holding the right inventory’, thereby avoiding wastage of money due to slow-moving or non-moving inventory piled up in your warehouse. The team will be trained on conducting an ABC analysis focusing on three major areas – gross margin wise, pick wise and movement wise. Training will also include ways to improve stock turnover ratio, stock holding and improving profitability through inventory control.

  • Accounting & Financial Management

This program aids the accounting and finance department to revisit the basics, major concepts and principles of accounting, needs of financial management, Financial statements, Ratio analysis, Cost control, Internal Audit and controlling.

Additionally, we also provide soft skills training in:

  • Leadership
  • We will train your employees in all the essential skills required to be a good leader. This will include topics such as how to inspire and motivate subordinates and colleagues, how to represent the company in the corporate world, how to create presentations, among others.
  • Business Communication
  • This training will help your employees to improve their business communications. Topics covered will include communicating in business appropriate language, Email etiquette, presentation skills, etc.
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • This training will help your employees to learn appropriate behavior at the workplace and when representing your organization in the corporate world. Topics covered will include how to greet customers and potential clients, how to dress for the occasion, salutations and addressing customers, coworkers and subordinates, etc.